Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Annual Christmas Letter

Hunter is a first grader this year.  At AWANAs he is about to finish memorizing all the books of the Old Testament.  He played t-ball again this summer (he had really improved and grown a lot taller!).  He loves to play outside, watch Spongebob Squarepants, and play video games.  He likes school and playing a "Sparkles" spelling game.  He can read very well, and he has earned some pizzas at school by reading lots of books.  He is beginning to go hunting with Phil, and he's been wearing his Chiefs clothes, too.  He lost his first two teeth on his 6th birthday--not his idea of a happy birthday present!  He is just as sweet as ever.

Hadley and Harper are big talkers and singers.  Staying at the babysitter's house each day seems to be going better now (not as much crying when mama leaves).  Potty training is in progress with many successes lately from Had and Harp (mama and daddy are very happy about this!).  The girls enjoy listening to music (they love to dance!) and story books.  They love baby dolls, stuffed animals, and dishes.  They think Hunter is the cat's meow and follow him everywhere (much to his dismay).

The kids have had their share of bumps, bruises, and medical episodes this year.  Hunter got some cuts, scrapes, and bruises from a playground incident.  He also lost a tooth (his third) to that same fall--ouch!  Harper fell off the porch steps at the babysitter's house and cut and bruised her face.  She also had a black eye from running into a table and a bruised cheek courtesy of her cousin.  Hadley, at some point in time, put a piece of fleece up her nose.  After one unsuccessful trip to the ER and several to the doctor's office it was FINALLY removed at the hospital in Liberal, KS under general anesthesia.  Amy was actually glad to see that chunk of fabric--she KNEW something was up there!

Amy crafted her way through the first six months of 2010 (felt food, an apron, or a ribbon tag blanket, anyone?) along with finishing up her Masters of Education.  She passed her certification test and finished her graduate portfolio.  She's now back to work as a Library Media Specialist for four sites (over 700 kids from kindergarten to fourth grade!).  The job is challenging and tiring, but the extra income is nice.  She's hoping for a new(er) vehicle in the near future.

Phil is teaching and coaching.  His basketball season is underway, and he thinks both teams will do well.  He is still raising German Shorthaired Pointers (he has a new litter right now!).  He had a great container garden this summer, and the family enjoyed lots of the fruits (well, veggies) of his labor.  He helped put a metal roof on the house, and he built a beautiful little playhouse in the backyard.  He's got in a few days of hunting already, and he looks forward to many more this winter.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Phil, Amy, Hunter, Hadley, and Harper

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