Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Playhouse

We wanted to give the kids something to do out in the backyard.  First I have to describe our backyard:  it's a hill, an extreme hill, basically a mini ski slope.  It's not very conducive to playing unless you like rolling or falling a lot.  So, we decided on a playhouse.  Here goes:

The base (with the giant stilt legs on the far side--remember, the ski slope...)

The "bones" are up!

The walls are on and the roof is tar-papered.

Side view of same day.

The roof is on (and I helped!) and the trim is getting primed.

Side view of the same (and the hardworking hubby!).

The whole crew posing in front of their new mini-abode!

There's the metal roof (I helped hold it in place as DH put the screws in it--harder than I thought it would be)

"Thank you, Daddy!"

A pose with mom (who looks like Alice in Wonderland did when she ate the
"Eat Me" cookie and G-R-E-W!)

So cute!  Now as long as we don't move anytime soon, it will become a treasured memory for both the kids and the adults.  I'm so proud of my husband (who, by the way, gave up almost two weeks of golf to make this gorgeous playhouse).  That's some "daddy love" he's showin'!


M'Leah Taylor said...

I love the play house. I had one when I was growing up and we had so much fun in it. Maybe someday we will be good parents like y'all and buy our kids some sort of toy for the backyard.

Amy said...

Was there still a playhouse in your parents' backyard? If there was, my great uncle built it...