Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Fun!

Fall is a time when the kids can get out and enjoy the day without being too hot.  We went to visit my sister in Tulsa recently.  We enjoyed the gorgeous days and the beautiful leaves turning.  I think by next week it's going to feel like Winter.

Glad we enjoyed Fall while it lasted!
Look at the long legs on those kids!  They are growing up fast...
And judging from a previous post from Labor Day weekend...this is the only outfit they own.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

The UFO (unidentified food object) Removed and Identified:  It's Not What I Thought It Would Be

The drama of the stinky nose continued WAY past July.  On September 9, I took Hadley to a local pediatrician.  He looked in her nose, agreed with me that there was a strong, rotten smell, and told me there was not a thing he could or would do.  I got a prescription for Omnicef and was told to find an ENT.

On September 14, Phil and I took Hadley to an ENT about 45 miles away.  He looked up her nose and told us he didn't see a thing.  The odor was also not present since she had been on antibiotics for a few days by then.  He told us to finish the medicine and call back to schedule a scope if the odor returned.  That was on a Tuesday.  By Friday evening, the odor was back with a vengeance!

Phil called and scheduled a scope for September 22 at the hospital in Liberal, KS.  We had to be there (45 miles away) by 7:00 a.m.  The doctor really didn't think anything was up her nose, but he agreed to do the scope to appease me.  I was insistent that something was still up there. 

The medical staff took Hadley just before 9:00 a.m.  About ten minutes later, the doctor showed up with a specimen cup and this:

What is it?  Some sort of felt or fleece.
How big was it?  About an inch long, about a centimeter wide.
How long has it been up there?
At least since the beginning of July...maybe a lot longer.

When the ENT first inserted the scope (it had a camera on the end), he didn't find anything.  He kept looking because he was in there and we wanted him to find something.  As he was moving from the nose into the back of the throat (the posterior rhinopharynx, to be exact), he found the chunk of fabric.  He believes it was there due to the probing of the ER doctor done in July.  The ENT said there was no way a two-year-old could have lodged it back that far all on her own.   If he hadn't kept looking, he would have just pulled the camera scope out and told us he didn't find a thing.  Mini miracle number one

The ENT said she was lucky she didn't develop a staph infection which could have led to MRSA or sepsis.  Any one of those could have proven deadly if left unchecked.  Mini miracle number two.  I thank God for watching over our little Hadley Sue.  She is now perfectly healthy, happy, and odor- (and object) free.