Sunday, August 01, 2010


Was it a pea?
Was it a green bean?

Maybe a kernel of corn?

A noodle perhaps?

Or even a Yogo?

There are some questions without answers, and these are a few examples.  My daughter (she's two, almost three) has had a smell about her for a couple of weeks.  I kept thinking she was spitting on her hands (not sure why she'd do that) and rubbing the spit on her face.  She smelled like a dirty little kid who hadn't bathed in a few days.  I'd scrub her face and hands to no avail.  She still stunk like old dry spit.  

Flash forward two weeks:  now as I'm leaning over in front of her to help her put on her flip-flops, she smells like sewer water or a dead mouse (whichever is more rank).  I lean in closer and realize it's coming from her nose.  Upon further inspection (performed by her dad with a flashlight) a huge chunk of "goo" was seen lodged in her right nostril about an inch-and-a-half in. 

After a long drive home (we'd been on vacation in New Mexico) and an even longer stint in the local ER, the "goo" (which couldn't be persuaded to come out with suction) was pushed back down her throat and she swallowed it.  I know, I'm gagging as I type.  She was strapped to a papoose board to restrain her (she escaped twice--should have named her Houdini!).  She screamed bloody murder for about 15 minutes straight, got a nosebleed, and had to basically eat something rotten.  Bad day for her.

Now, her nose is smelling (the function, not the odor) again, and she doesn't smell (the odor, not the function).  Please, kids, don't put UFOs (that's unidentified food objects) up your nose ever again! 

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