Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We're going to Kansas City area in the next few days, so I hope the giant heat wave goes away--fast! It's been over 100 for a few days in a row, and in that area of the country there is also a "heat index" to deal with.

We have almost no humidity out in our neck of the country, so we are not used to the sticky, sweaty feeling of Northeast Kansas.

I'm hoping to get some new work clothes (well, new to me). I buy almost all of my workday clothes at the Goodwill in Lawrence, KS. It's actually really clean and nice. I can buy a pair of GAP or Banana Republic pants for about $4.00! Who wouldn't go for that??? I get a pair of Old Navy or GAP jeans for about $4.00 also, so that's a great value for my money. Okay, so someone else had their hiney in them a time or two, that's why God made washing machines!

If I have on something NWT (new with tags) it is probably from Wal-Mart or JC Penney (on the clearance rack for $5.00 or less). No one has ever told me I look like I get all my clothes from the Goodwill, but I think I would take it as a compliment if it ever happened. I also have bought clothes at garage sales and thrift stores. I have found some great buys (GAP denim shorts for $1.00) that are still very fashionable and have lots of wear left in them.

It may be getting a little extreme however since my sister showed me a skirt at Sam's for $17.00, and I about crapped my pants at the price (I could get a whole wardrobe for that at the Goodwill store!). It was a cute skirt.... I didn't buy it--surprise, surprise!

Well, gotta go check on Hunter (27mo.). It's too quiet, and that usually means trouble!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So, a year ago we were working on the house. Now 12 months later (and a LOT of money to Home Depot) we have a wonderful, like-new house! Yea! I'm just so glad to have 2 bathrooms and more than 700 square feet to spread out (we now have about 2200!).

Hunter (27mo) has 20 teeth now! Somewhere in the last 3 months he snuck in 2 on the bottom??? He never complained, so we never looked. He got tubes in his ears a month or so ago, and now he has orthotics in his shoes (he had no arches!). I hope that's all the doctoring he needs for a while. He met his $300 deductible, though. hahaha

I had 6 relatives stay over last weekend. It went much smoother than I thought it would. They were just in town for the weekend for a family reunion of sorts. I guess if the guests are good to pick up after themselves (as these were) it is easy to have 6 extras stay for a couple of nights.

Gotta let Phil on the computer now to decide if the golf cart he bought is worth saving or should be driven off into a ditch somewhere!