Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So, a year ago we were working on the house. Now 12 months later (and a LOT of money to Home Depot) we have a wonderful, like-new house! Yea! I'm just so glad to have 2 bathrooms and more than 700 square feet to spread out (we now have about 2200!).

Hunter (27mo) has 20 teeth now! Somewhere in the last 3 months he snuck in 2 on the bottom??? He never complained, so we never looked. He got tubes in his ears a month or so ago, and now he has orthotics in his shoes (he had no arches!). I hope that's all the doctoring he needs for a while. He met his $300 deductible, though. hahaha

I had 6 relatives stay over last weekend. It went much smoother than I thought it would. They were just in town for the weekend for a family reunion of sorts. I guess if the guests are good to pick up after themselves (as these were) it is easy to have 6 extras stay for a couple of nights.

Gotta let Phil on the computer now to decide if the golf cart he bought is worth saving or should be driven off into a ditch somewhere!

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