Friday, June 18, 2010

Ribbon Tag Baby Blanket Tutorial for OHCE

Step-by-step instructions to make a ribbon tag baby blanket (any size, but will have to add more ribbons if it gets bigger than 18" square).

First you have to start with your solid piece, right side up. I used flannel for this one, but fleece works well, too.

Next, choose ten solid color and ten patterned ribbons in assorted widths and textures (I would not use any larger than 1 1/2" or smaller than 1/2"). I used a variety of satin and grosgrain ribbons cut into 4" lengths. Arrange them in a pattern of solid then patterned with five on each side.

Fold them in half, right side out (or wrong sides together--whichever gets the message out the best), and pin them with their raw edge on the raw edge of the flannel or fleece (right side up). I start with the center ribbon on all four sides then add the remaining ribbons all around.

This just shows the spacing on the pinned ribbons.

Lay the coordinating fabric wrong side down over the bottom layer. I turned up a corner so you could see it's wrong side down.
This photo shows you to block off about a 4" section (after you turn the corner) to leave open for turning. I insert pins sideways to remind myself to stop. When I don't, I usually regret it! 

 After sewing a 1/4" straight seam all the way around (but NOT in your open/turn area!), you will be left with one ribbon not attached--this is correct, so don't worry! Backstitch at the beginning and end to reinforce the opening edge.
Be sure to trim your corners BEFORE you turn it inside out! If you forget, go back and do it! Believe's a must! 
Your corners should all look like this before you turn the blanket inside out.

You will now have to turn your blanket (push out the corners) and remove all pins EXCEPT the one on that last ribbon! Press the blanket with a warm iron unless you used fleece. If you used fleece skip the pressing--it melts! You may need to tug the ribbons out while pressing to get a nice edge.
Next, press the opening and pin the space to hold it closed until you do your finish stitching.

Starting in a corner, sew a small (maybe 1/8" or 3/16") seam all the way around ending at the corner you began with. Backstitch to reinforce seam.

The finished project! I pulled (with a seam ripper) the threads all to the back and clipped them off for a nice finished look. It's ready to give to a baby to love!

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debbieo said...

I just found out yesterday I am going to be a grandma again. This will be a good project to get started on. I saved some fabric from the bridesmaids dresses at her wedding and I want to put together a quilt using them.