Thursday, May 13, 2010

I submitted a story to the "Spoonfuls of Stories" New Author contest. Here's hoping I win--$5000 and a published book to boot!

Times Two: A Story About Twins by Amy Harris, 2010

When you get into the kitchen cabinets, you make a huge mess—times two!

When you splash in the bathtub, the bathroom is dripping wet—times two!

When you eat spaghetti, your high chair is covered in sauce—times two!

When you play in the mud, your clothes are brown—times two!

When you throw a fit in the grocery store, it is loud—times two!

When you see your baby cousin, you give her lots of hugs—times two!

When you hear Grandpa or Grandma come in the door, your little feet run to see them—times two!

When you finish singing your favorite song, you smile and clap your hands—times two!

When you put on your own shoes, you are proud of yourself—times two!

And when you say, “I love you,” you make me so happy—times two!

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