Thursday, May 06, 2010

I finally found out how to cross out text I didn't like or wanted to change while still displaying the original.  I love easy tutorials for stuff I don't know how to do.  Then I look smart intelligent!

That was done by using HTML code to type in the "strike" areas. I also (a little late) saw a "strikethrough" button on the toolbar...ABC

You can do it yourself by typing the < then the word 'strike' (no quotes or spaces) then >. Next put the word or phrase you want to strike through, for example 'smart' (no quotes) and follow up with < then / then the word 'strike' (no quotes or spaces in any of this) then > That should do it! Or just use that handy strikethrough button on the toolbar...*sigh*


Delana said...

I love that feature! It's fun!

debbieo said...

I always wanted to know how that was done. I think its cool. Is it hard to do?

Amy said...

Debbie, it's just a matter of using HTML code!

And I also saw there is a "strike" button on the blogger it new? Sure, that's it, it's new (how else to explain why I've never seen it before?)! :oP