Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have been working steadily on my little felt doll for my niece's birthday (it's not until May, so I have some time).

Problems I've run into:  I should have put a dot on the face for eye placement BEFORE I sewed on the eyes; I should have sewed the head further down on the neck for better stability; I should have inserted the legs into the body before I sewed the body shut; I should have made the pattern bigger.

(this is the head on the back of the body--oops!)
(oh, that eye!)

(this is the awful stitching I had to do to try to stabilize the neck)

Remedies:  I had to remove one eye and move it to a more suitable (aka less wall-eyed) placement; I had to remove the head (eek!) and place it further down on the neck (oh, and remove it again since I sewed it on the BACK of the body the second time); I had to tack the legs onto the back of the body making it not as pleasant to look at undressed; I had to settle for a small (around 8 inches tall) doll.

I guess this "practice doll" will still be cute, but she's had a lot of "work" done along the way!


Megan said...

Still cute!

Amy said...

Thanks, Meggie! Now you need to get the pattern copied to make one at your house!