Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am in desperate need of some felt crafting therapy!  As soon as I can enlarge the pattern found at Nuno Life, I will be making at least two of these cuties personalized for my twin daughters!  I have one heckuva week coming up with grad school, so I need some down time and felt fun to get me through!  My friend Meridith over at Smitty Baby made a couple of these dolls for her twin nieces.  They (the dolls) are too cute and were a great hit for the girls' birthday (the girls are too cute as well)!  Hope I've inspired some of my readers to give felt a try!


ShaRhonda said...

You are sooo creative! Between you and Meredith, ya'll put me to shame!

Amy said...

Come on over to the dark side of felt--it's fun and addictive, but totally calorie-free! ;o)