Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm trying to get everything ready to have a garage sale in a couple of weeks. I love going to garage sales, but I dread (with a big capital D) having them! I can't stand people who grab up a bunch of stuff and ask to make a deal on all of it...I put a price on it for a reason! I'm not a bargain-maker (my husband is, though), and I just want to sell it at the fair price I've already assigned to that item (I mean, come on, 25 cents is already cheap!). So, I'm pinning all the little tiny outfits together (oh, how can I get rid of those tiny little clothes Harper and Hadley wore last summer?), and stacking up stuff we no longer use (how can I sell all the things with memories attached?). I'm such a pack-rat--what a disaster!

I'll put it all out on display. It will look so nice and organized until the first rush of bargain-hunters pours in...then, I'm mad again--look at the mess they've made of my size- and season- categorized baby clothes!

Hunter will cry when we sell his toys (that he no longer likes or plays with, but LOVES when he sees them for sale). I'll declare I'm NEVER having another garage sale ever again. Until next summer when the stuff gathers and the clothes pile up...Phil will talk me into another one. *sigh* I still hate having garage sales!

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