Monday, April 20, 2009

Hunter is very worried that since May comes after April, and Mommy is leaving in May (for a three-week summer school event), that Mommy is leaving any day now! I'm having a hard time convincing him that May 31st is not for a while...not too easy for a new five-year-old to grasp!

He's got a pathological fear of an inflatable (larger-than-lifesize) fireman named "Big Nick." He is on a float in the annual Pioneer Days parade (riding on the lead fire engine, no less). I've already had to promise him that he and I will go into Dollar General until Big Nick passes by...then we'll go back outside to grab up some candy and treats! Anyone have suggestions on helping with pathological fears??? I'm out of things to try! *sigh*


ShaRhonda said...

Great blog, love it! I find that blogging is so much easier & less messy than scrapbooking. did you know that we can publish the blogs? I'm going to look into it for my 1 yr anniversary and then give it to our mothers for Christmas!

Amy said...

No, I had no idea it could be published...into a book?...that would be fun to have all those memories in one spot, typed up, and neatly arranged. Let me know where you can do that if you think about it!