Sunday, February 06, 2011

R O Y G.  B I V
(or How I Got My Own Rainbow)

My son, who is 6, made me a gift for my birthday.  He couldn't wait until the big day, so he gave me my gift a day early.  It looked like this when I got it:

Now, that alone melted my heart, but there was more.

It was a crisp one-dollar bill wrapped around some type of craft item.  He gave me his own money and took the time to make me something from his crafting supplies--so sweet and thoughtful!  But wait, there's more.

It was my very own portable rainbow, labeled and everything (sorry the picture does not do it justice)!  He glued it together, then taped it, too (just in case!).  He searched through many sticks to find an indigo AND a violet.  He labeled it with a pen prior to gluing.  Only after he finished gluing did he realize it was backward.  I told him it made it original which was worth more anyway.  But wait, there's more.

He decided I needed a little more mad money, so he went to his room and got a five-dollar bill that the Tooth Fairy recently left him.  Can you say "tear-jerker?"  Oh, and there's not any more.  Now I'm going to go get a tissue--again!


Megan @ Faith Like Mustard said...

That's so sweet!

Amy said...

He is a so-sweet kind of boy! Ain't I lucky!!! <3