Sunday, January 16, 2011

I think one of the biggest challenges faced by parents is potty training.  With the oldest, we didn't struggle at all with #1, but #2 was a different story altogether.  I tried everything (even went so far at to cut a hole out of the crotch area of a pull-up so he could still wear it but poop in the potty at the same time.  It didn't work.).

The girls are now mostly potty trained.  The #1 is good--almost 100% success.  The #2 was still a hide-under-the-kitchen-table-and-grunt-it-out issue until very recently.  I guess it really is true--you have to wait for them to be ready or it is just going to be a power struggle that the parent loses every time.  My babies aren't babies any more.  *sigh*  That's not a sad sigh, just a tired one.  I wouldn't want them as babies any longer than necessary. 

Now if we could only get their coughs to go thing at a time, eh?

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