Sunday, January 03, 2010

I have decided shopping for new jeans is the equivalent of my own personal hell! I need a personal seamstress to make them fit me correctly! Apparently I have long legs, a short torso, no butt, and some of my "baby belly" extra skin from my second pregnancy leftover just for fun. Jeans shopping = sucky!

p.s. I did find one pair I liked, but if I wear them every day they'll soon fall apart like my old favorites! ;o)


ShaRhonda said...

Been to Gap lately? I'm liking the styles.....they seem to be for all body shapes!

Delana said...

I feel your pain!! ;)

Amy said...

ShaRhonda, the nearest GAP is in Oklahoma City...maybe I can go there this week when we're in the city for the kids' dr. appts.!!! I haven't tried any GAP jeans in about 5 years.