Saturday, October 17, 2009

After an excrutiatingly long wait (almost three hours!) to get the kids and the adults flu shots, we were on our way to New Mexico! Hunter and I hadn't been to the mountains in four years, and the girls had never been at all.

The weather was wonderful, sunny and warm in the 70s. We enjoyed the scenic drive (Hadley didn't like the drop-outs on some of the roads). The trees were turning for fall, and the air was clean.

We tried to get a family picture for Christmas cards...not too sure if we succeeded, but we'll probably use one of them anyway. How can we get five people to all look the same way (and not have goofy looks) at the same time?

It was fun to get away, but much better to be back home in my own bed! Try Eagle Nest or Red River, NM if you ever want an inexpensive trip in the fall!


Delana said...

Glad to hear you had a nice time.. And, thanks for the tip for a get-a-way!

Amy said...

There are lots of trails for hiking, fishing, jeep trails, the chair lift (ride to the top, have a picnic, then ride or hike back down). It's nice and the hotels aren't too expensive especially in the summer and fall (in the winter, it's more expensive because of ski season).