Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally finished the wrap dresses for Hadley and Harper (with help from my mom and her sewing machine on the buttonholes--thanks, Mom!). The one on the left is the back view, and the one of the right is the front view. They are a size 2, but I think the pattern runs a bit small. I hope they can wear them this summer and next summer, too. They turned out cute, but I'm not letting anyone inspect them too closely for flaws and my sewing technique! heehee


Delana said...

Seriously. You have some nice talent!! That outfit is adorable! You must take after your mother.

Amy said...

Thank you! That's a wonderful compliment to me when anyone says I'm in any way like my mom. She's so kind, giving, and talented (cooking, sewing, etc.). Again, thanks!