Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Both Harper and Hadley are really starting to put words together. It's starting to make sense, and I can understand it!!! It always amazes me when babies learn to talk! Some of the latest phrases:
-Hunter's shoes (and they WERE his shoes)
-hat! go outside! (they know they have to wear a hat to go outside, so they want a hat on)
-who is it? (when someone comes in the front door)
-Hello? (when talking on the play phone they have)
-drink sippy (sippy cup with milk in it)
-I have poop (and unfortunately for me, she did! They also have a "baby sign" to go with this one)


ShaRhonda said...

too cute......better take your laptop w/ you while gone, so you can "mommy blog"

Amy said...

I have to take it with me so I can do my school work, too! LOL

How am I going to be away for three weeks???

It's starting to sink in that I'm leaving soon!